SBA Loan Checklist- Documents You Need for SBA Application

SBA Loan Checklist- documents needed for SBA Loan


SBA Document Checklist

  1. Authorization to Release Credit (one for each of owner and or guarantor)
  2.  Resume: Provide a current resume signed and dated (one for each owner)
  3.  Last three (3) years of Personal Tax returns (for each owner and or personal guarantor)
  4.  Last three (3) years of Business Tax returns (for each borrowing entity and or affiliate) If the current year business tax return has not been filed, please provide a year-end financial statement for    the business.
  1.  Interim Business Financial Statements dated within 60 days of Application Date (signed by principals)
  2. Accounts Receivable Aging (same date as interim balance sheet in item 9, signed & dated)
  3. Business Bank Statements – Three (3) months of business checking statements
  4. Business Debt Schedule(s) – signed by principal
  5. Resume Of owner
  6. Business Plan
  7. Personal Balance Sheet and Income
  8. 12. Personal Bank statements 3 months (or more)
  9. 12. Current invoice from payroll provider (if available)
  10. Three (3) months of merchant statements (if your business accepts credit cards from your customers)
  11. Purchase Agreement (of purchasing existing business)

Additional Items as Requested.