Real Estate Loans for Business Expansion

Private Loans To Help Grow Your Business

Is you business outgrowing your existing space? Need more room and working capital? Real Estate loans for your business can help you grow.  We have over 400 sources for real estate loans and business loans to fit your need.

The majority of phone calls we receive are from business owners or real estate investors, where bank financing just doesn’t work for their situation.  They either do not have the credit score or fit the Loan To Value parameters the bank needs to do a deal.

If you need money quicker than a bank can get it to you, or you don’t fit all the guidelines, check out the client case study below and see if it sounds familiar.  If it does, give us a call (317) 589-0118 or contact us here.

We typically have four type of clients we can help the most.  Businesses needing working capital or credit line to expand. Businesses needing loans to purchase real estate. Businesses needing Equipment financing or Equipment leasing. Finally, real estate investors for single home or apartment building rehab, fix and flip needing hard money loans.

Below is is an example of our “typical” client young business is growing rapidly and needing a bigger building and more employees to meet business demand.

Real Estate Loans for Business Case Study:

Traditional Bank Real Estate Loans were not fitting the business owner’s needs

Like many business owners, this business owner had some credit challenges. In addition to those challenges the bank wanted a 20% down payment.

Because we have several private money lenders , we were able to offer the amount of financing he needed for a fair price.Real Estate Loans Indianapolis, Business Loans Indiana

Example of our Real Estate Loan proposed offer:

  • $600,000  total real estate loans to use for real estate and $35,000 working capital
  • 10% down
  • 25 year term
  • No prepayment penalties
  • 2.75% above prime, adjusted quarterly (7.5% current)

The criteria to qualify for these type of real estate loans.

  • Credit Score below 600
  • Business was 2 years old average $120,000 Gross Income
  • 10% in cash for down payment

This is a real case study, but your situation can be different. We offer loans like this from $50,000 to $5 million and can get you funded in 3 weeks on average. If you need a quicker, loan check out our other funding solutions.

Please note, better rates and terms are available for a higher credit score, longer business history, and higher income.

Also note, if you have multiple NSF’s or business checking account balances below $500 on average, it will be difficult to qualify for these type of business loan terms.

To see which business loan or business funding works for you, please contact us or call us at (317) 589-0118.

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