Invoice Factoring Programs

As a small business owner, you depend on various forms of capital and funding to grow.

The early period of running a small business is difficult, and even after the first few years, it can be hard to build up a steady flow of revenue. It becomes key to secure various ways to acquire the funds you need to run your daily operations, meet obligations, spend on marketing and customer acquisition, grow to new locations and lines of business, and so on. There are many forms of financing and capital available for small businesses.

One of the lesser-known options: invoice factoring.

  • Just-In-Time Cash Advances As High As 90% Of Original Invoice
  • Fund As Much As You Want, Whenever You Want
  • You Choose Which Invoice Or Parts Of Invoice To Fund
  • No Term Contract
  • No Hidden Fees Or Extra Charges With The No-Fees Guys

Advantages of Factoring

  • Accept sizable orders with confidence
  • Increase capacity to take on bigger, but slower-paying customer
  • Synchronize revenue/expense cycles
  • Expand and diversify your customer base
  • Pay suppliers on time
  • Prospect for new business with our credit research service
  • Gain access to our extensive reports