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Equipment Dealer Financing Programs

Have you ever said, “Darn I wanted that sale?

All Equipment Financing Companies sound the same, but if you’ve lost a sale because the buyer had doubts of money or financing…give us a shot!

We can help you increase unit sales and margins by 20-40%

Our company is interested in developing long term strategic partnerships with equipment sellers. We can bridge a gap by financing all types of credit. With  our down payment assistance program, we can often help close deals for buyers that do not have  enough for a down payment.

We have over 23 years of experience in financial services and 5 years in professional marketing,  We are different because we  don’t just finance equipment. Our large network of lenders allows us to leverage all factors to help close an equipment sale.

For challenged buyers, we match their strongest area(s): Credit Score, Cash Flow or Collateral, to a lender comfortable with their situation. We use  leasing, revenue loans, real estate, credit lines, specialty asset financing and more.  This can increase sales by 20-40%.

To our partners, we also offer online web page listings for product to increase inbound calls, in your preferred local area.

If you’ve lost a sale because the buyer had doubts of money or financing…give us a shot! 

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We can help you reduce these objections

“I need to talk to the bank”

“Credit is Poor”

“Not sure we can get financed”

We make is easy for you to  take way “money” as an objection.

All Credit Acceptable

All credit acceptable

ABCD & ALT funding options.

We’ve financed with Hi Risk Revenue Loans, Real Estate, Streamlined SBA, Specialty Assets

Over 300 lenders

Down Payment Assistance

Leverage Credit or Cash Flow for DP


Streamlined website form preapproval application

Branded and integrated to your website and used in email links

Written Forms

Branded for you. Just scan and email form to us.

Specific Referral Phone Number

Have your client call us for questions and the application process. You can have your own phone number that other dealers will not have. We are your financing department.



Contact us now to set up a discussion on our leasing, financing, marketing and sales programs to increase your sales.

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